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Latest Tutorial Articles

1: 24-bit high-performance ADC and its application ADS1274/ADS1278
1 Overview ADS1274/ADS1278 is the Texas Instruments (TI) introduced multi-channel 24-bit Industrial ADCs (ADC), the internal integration of a number of independent high-chopper-stabilized modulator and FIR digital filter, can be 4 / 8 channel synch...

2: JavaScript [object. Attribute] of the Second Collection
Check box (checkbox) object Properties name NAME attribute string value. value of the string value of the contents of the box. If you set up, compared with "on", otherwise "off". checked the contents of the boolean value chec...

3: Achieved in the Oracle database replication
To operate the database in the Internet often have such a demand: the cities all over the country similar to the unified database application, a data node to change not only in Hong Kong, is also reflected to the remote. Replication technology to pr...

4: TMS320VC5402-based audio signal acquisition and processing system
In recent years, with the popularity of DSP technology and low-how, the emergence of high-performance DSP chip, DSP has increasingly been accepted by the vast numbers of engineers, and more and more widely used in various fields, such as: voice proc...

5: Article IV of the article class encapsulates the various operations (insert the database, removed from the database, etc.)
<? php / / / / +----------------------------------------------- -----------------------+ / / | Article categories | / / +----------------------------------------------- -----------------------+ / / | Copyright (c) 2001 NetFish Software | / ...

6: FPGA-based modules to eliminate the button bouncing Research and Application
Button in the design of digital circuits are often used. The bouncing button is the design of digital systems that exist in the objective problems. Button is mechanical contact, when the contact point will be closed off or have a jitter. To enable t...

7: MasterCAM software-based product design and special ceramic mold processing technology
Although CAD / CAM technology in mechanical, automobile, electronics, apparel and other industries have been more widely used, but in special ceramic industry has not been given sufficient attention, much lower than that of other applications, so th...

8: PDX & EMX41 simple to install and to install
In fact, the installation method EMX41 no difficulty, as long as PDX2.1/EMX4.1 in the SETUP boot after installation by the usual method to install, An Chengxin after PDX2.1/EMX41 to your installation directory under BIN under ptchostid.bat and text ...

9: ASP + new contacts (3) (to)
2000-10-31 Zhao in yesky In ASP +, when the first server to recover data from the database, the data is stored in the variable, when the server received the request of the same after the cache data transfer directly from the server to the client, a...

10: According to the Treasury of the table structure differences
According to the Treasury of the table structure differences / *-- Compare differences in the database table structure --* / / *-- Example call exec p_comparestructure xzkh_model, xzkh_new --* / if exists (select * from dbo.sysobjects where id...

11: Use. NET HTTP achieve
Principle HTTP HTTP HTTP in understanding the principles of before is that the HTTP protocol, HTTP protocol is a simple tcp based on the agreement, is divided into two kinds of requests and replies. Request for an agreement by the client (browser) t...

12: So that ASP can connect MYSQL
This tool is the Component Object Module MYSQL. It also supports the same Delphi, Visual Basic, Visual C + +, C + + Builder and other tools of the call. The following is a call in the ASP method. MYSQLX after proper installation. ASP method can be ...

13: Chiang Kai-shek Regular Expressions ASP Application
First, an overview of regular expressions Second, regular expressions in VBScript Applications Third, regular expressions in Application VavaScript Fourth, sample V. GENERAL First, an overview of regular expressions If not used the original re...

14: Set Windows XP files and folders
Document is given the name of the user and stored on disk collection of information, it can be user-created documents, as well as the application executable or a picture, a voice and so on. Folder organization and management of the system as a form ...

15: ASP.NET development WebMatrix Trial Notes
Preface It is undeniable that, Microsoft's Visual Studio.NET development tools heavyweight indeed provide us with a very powerful, excellent. NET integrated development environment applications. However, the use of VS.NET have to face some prob...