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Latest Tutorial Articles

1: Router based on refined analysis
Router (Router) is the Internet, one of the most important device is the tens of thousands all over the world pose a Internet routers around us in this round-the-clock operation of the giant information network "bridge . " The core of the ...

2: Use DataReader
ADO.Net source, there are two ways to access the database, namely the object and the DataSet object Dagareader, click on the DataReader said DataReader object is used to read the database of the most simple way, it can only read, not write, and rea...

3: VB5.0 design by E-Mail program
VB5.0 design by E-Mail program Preface With the development of computer networks, information transfer between people is much shorter time. Many documents are in the form to send e-mail; generally used by computer people, more or less E-Mail will ...

4: 7 CEOs to talk about change in challenging CIO
IT's new challenge Accenture's chief technology strategy officer Chambord Today, we have entered a new era - IT services and products on supermarket shelves as food, they no longer need to hand-CIO, "cooking" the. Through the su...

5: Optimization of MYSQL on the limit of the optimization
MySQL Optimization is very important. The most commonly used and most other optimization is the need to limit. mysql page to the limit posed a great convenience, but the amount of data when a large, limit on the sharp decline in performance. The sa...

6: Java-Package and Import My understanding of the mechanism (of the experience for beginners)
The following test conditions of the machine you set up a path command PATH = D: \ JDK1.4 \ BIN; D: \ JDK1.4 \ LIB;, can the normal execution of java and javac command, do not set the classpath path under. A simple example from the talk about the p...

7: Excel spreadsheet data into SQL Sever Database to Another method
The last to provide a spreadsheet from Excel into SQL Server database, a prerequisite for the machine to be equipped with components of Office's Excel. Again today for us to provide another way: do not need to install Excel can also be imported ...

8: Server firewall be a headache
################################################## ############# Asked by rain and waves of the good comrades of the preparation of Please do not reprint or rewrite everywhere, thank you, and so technology is not easy ############################...

9: A W-CDMA mobile phone to improve power amplifier linearity with the new method
1 Introduction The third generation mobile communication (3rd-Generation, referred to as 3G) system with greater capacity and better communication quality, higher bandwidth utilization, these features make it for the high-speed and low speed mobile...

10: visual basic to set the total at the end of the form
'Module1 Option Explicit Public Declare Function SetWindowLong Lib "user32" Alias "SetWindowLongA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal nIndex As Long, ByVal dwNewLong As Long) As Long Public Declare Function CallWindowProc Lib &quo...

11: Used to test the browser capabilities component of the capacity of your browser
<% dim bc set bc = server.createobject ( "mswc.browsertype") %> <html> <body> <p> used to test the browser capabilities component of the capacity of the browser </ p> Server Name: <% = bc.browser%>...

12: Add a DataGrid column for the Radio (single box) out
Forum often see people ask how to achieve in DataGrid in radio, is a realization of the following methods. See examples <% @ Page Language = "C #" AutoEventWireup = "True" EnableViewState = "true"%> <% @ Imp...

13: Java "reason" than C + + Express
CSDN more recent, but also to see that Java faster than C + + of the posts. In some cases Java than C + + Express I think this is justified. For example, according to a specific CPU can be optimized and so on. One is called wingfiring (a) (atypica...

14: Credit card validation function (string processing)
Verification also depends on the type of credit card. '************************************** 'Name: Credit Card Mod 10 Validation 'Description: This function validates if 'A credit card number "appears" to be val '...

15: Examples to explain: Java technology in the SOAP
Before I start, I would like to discuss the theme of this paper and readers need to start with the necessary knowledge to do something describes. The theme of this paper is to discuss SOAP technology, we will put as much as possible a number of user...